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  • Can I contact Entity for a bicycle lease?
    Of course! At Entity Bikes we currently work together with o2o bicycle leasing. If you are affiliated with another leasing company, you can always contact us. We will then contact your company and see if we can collaborate with them.
  • How does ordering a bicycle work?
    At Entity Bikes we only work by appointment to provide you with the best service. An appointment can easily be made here . At the time of the appointment, we will discuss all possible options with you based on your goals or wishes.
  • Does Entity Bikes also have a gravel bike?
    Of course. With the Entity Venture we also have a fully customizable gravel bike.
  • Is everything really possible?
    Sure! All parts and finishes are possible. As standard, we work with a catalog with a wide selection of our favorite brands. The simple reason for this is that we want to advise you as best as possible and we cannot know all types of parts for all brands. If you would like another part that is not in our catalogue, we can of course look for it.
  • Do you also sell individual frames?
    Certainly, we sell our individual racing frames at 2200 euros, including VAT. For our Entity Venture this is 2000 euros. This includes: frame, fork, seat post, cockpit, thru axles and other accessories. Of course you can also choose your own colors.
  • What is the waiting time for a new bicycle?
    The waiting time for your customized Entity is six to eight weeks, calculated from the payment of the advance.
  • Will my new bicycle be custom adjusted?
    We currently do not have the expertise to offer you a professional bike fit. That is not necessary, since we adjust your bicycle to the dimensions of your current bicycle. If you wish, you can have a bike fit carried out and provide us with the results, and we will then fully adjust your bike as in the bike fit.
  • Can I contact you for maintenance after purchasing my bicycle?
    Yes, the Entity Bikes team has the right knowledge and tools to maintain your bicycle after purchase. Both annual maintenance and repairs are no problem.
  • Do you also repair other bicycles?
    No, since we are a bicycle brand, we only focus on the maintenance and repair of Entity Bikes.
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